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Discover what it will take to reach your goals. Make your dreams become your reality. Start your journey with an accountability system that helps you achieve real results through personalized or peer coaching sessions.


You're ready to make your dreams come true.

Welcome to the first big step.

Your coaching sessions are all about you.


In each individualized session, you set your own intentions, goals, pathways, and progress - at your own pace - with a little help from an expert accountability partner (me!) to help you navigate along the way.

I'm here to ask the really good questions and provide insight that will help you:

  • Unlock your own limitless potential,

  • Creatively overcome roadblocks,

  • Identify new opportunities, and

  • Lead a more balanced & fulfilling life in alignment with what's important to you!

Meet Your Coach

I'm Chelsea!

As a trained practitioner in the Co-Active Coaching model, I specialize in working with college students, young adults, and early career professionals that want to create well-rounded, balanced lifestyles. Achieving success and happiness doesn't have to be hard, once you've done the work to find out what that means to you.

Sessions are conducted virtually and/or in-person, as we work together to create better alignment in your life.

Using the Co-Active model, I support my clients through asking important and powerful questions that help you discover your why, clarify your direction, envision your future, make moves, and take action!

Learn More

The Process

For Personalized Coaching Sessions


Begin your journey and complete the Introductory Client Form to help me, your coach, learn more about you and your intentions.


Attend your first coaching session virtually, over the phone, or in-person. Confirm your intentions and goals to work on, alongside your coach.


Take action and make bold moves in the real world that help you achieve your goals. Review each session's intention + action plan, and work towards realizing your vision.


Reflect during each coaching session on your progress. Identify new opportunities you haven't thought of before. Find creative solutions to your unique challenges. 


Make decisions on your next steps and keep moving forward in alignment with your values.

Get involved in our private Client Coaching Community group on Facebook, connect with other movers + shakers, and continue on your journey to leading a more fulfilling life!


  • Self-Assessments

  • Personal Development Workshops

Banana Leaves

The Process

For Peer Coaching Collectives


Choose a Peer Coaching Collective that matches your interests & schedule. Submit an application to join that group!


Once accepted into a collective, complete the Introductory Workbook to get started. This workbook will help you set your intentions for participating in the Collective.


Attend Workshop #1 to learn fundamental coaching theories, skills, and application.


Learn by doing! Put your coaching skills into action and participate in real coaching scenarios with your fellow Coaching Collective peers. 


Attend Workshops #2-6 to receive coaching and feedback with support from your fellow Collective members. Plan to take action and make bold moves together.

Learn and grow in a highly interactive group setting, while practicing your coaching skills and empowering others.

Get involved in our private Client Coaching Community group on Facebook, connect with other movers + shakers, and continue on your journey to leading a more fulfilling life!

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