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How is coaching different than therapy or mentoring?

Therapy is a professional, medical relationship with a licensed or certified counselor and a patient. It is helpful for those who want help understanding the "why" of a situation with professional, accredited opinion and diagnosis.

Mentoring is an agreed-upon partnership where someone with expertise or mastery of a topic teaches or trains another apprentice-level person about that topic. Mentorship is helpful to those that want to learn specific skills or subjects.

Coaching is like personal training - but for the mindset. It is an investment in your personal growth, development, and life. 

Coaching is a formal, developmental relationship between a coach and client. In coaching, the client is always the expert and master in their own life. Coaching is helpful for those who want to ask "how" and "what next" in a situation, with the perspective of working in the present towards their future and goals alongside the support of a professional coach. In other words, the coach does not need mastery of any topics, but rather supports the client in finding, recognizing, and acting on their own expertise and within their sphere of influence. 

There are so many coaches out there to choose from. Are we a good fit?

Great question, and one you should definitely be asking! Please read the About Me page to learn more about my approach to lifestyle coaching.

My sessions are typically held in-person or virtually, and either during a lunch hour or on weekday evenings. I have further flexibility on the weekends if needed.

I want to get started. What do you recommend I do first?

If you have any questions, Contact me before purchasing a package. Once we decide on the package that works best for you, I'll send you an Introductory Client form to complete. Then we can schedule your sessions and get started on your coaching journey!

What should I expect during my sessions?

In each session, we will review our last conversation and what progress was possible since then. From there, we will engage in casual, but deep conversation with questions, responses, and insights. We will wrap up by identifying and committing to new actions to take.

Are you certified or affiliated with any national organizations?

I am working towards my coaching certification with programs completed with the Association for Talent Development, the Co-Active Training Institute, University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement, and through my Master's in Organization Development & Leadership Program with Saint Joseph's University. I am not affiliated with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and follow their Code of Ethics & Conduct. 

How does pricing work?

Each client must start with an initial investment package of 4 sessions, and can buy additional packages of 4, 8, or individual a la carte sessions after. Please see our Packages & Pricing page for more information.

How many sessions should I purchase or plan for?

Each person's needs are different. Our packages are setup in groups of 4 and 8 so that we can plan a course of action and follow through with your intentions. 


Generally, I recommend scheduling sessions every 2-3 weeks to allow for progress to occur, but it is entirely up to you on how often or frequently we meet.

Additional +1 or +2 sessions are available for purchase after your initial package is booked if you are needing a handful of follow-ups.

What happens if I miss a session or need to cancel?

Please notify me via email, text, or call as soon as you know you need to cancel. I'm happy to reschedule any session with you. 

As a courtesy and because "life happens," all clients are provided free cancellations. However, if the client fails to attend more than 2 cancelled/rescheduled session, they are subject to termination and the refund policy outlined below.

What happens if I don't use a session?


Each client has 1 year to schedule with your coach on any topic(s) of your choosing! 

Due to the nature of coaching services, Boccardo LLC is unable to provide refunds on used sessions.


After the client's first 2 sessions have been completed and/or the client is either 1) unable to continue with coaching sessions, or 2) the coach or client finds there is not a good fit, the client may cancel or be terminated. The refund policy is outlined in the Coaching Agreement for clients, which can be provided upon request. Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process. 

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