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Chelsea Boccardo

is a trusted lifestyle coach and leadership practitioner, helping you lead a more balanced & fulfilling lifestyle.

B.S. Recreation & Parks Management

Corporate Event Management

& Business Administration

University of North Carolina Greensboro 2013

M.S. Organization Development & Leadership

Adult Learning & Training

Saint Joseph's University 2019

My mission:

To create authentic, community-based learning and development experiences through guided programming, service, coaching, and reflection.

My values:

  • Authenticity - sincerity & with meaning

  • Friends & Family - my loved ones

  • Personal Development - growth and learning

  • Community - the people you're invested in a collectiveness with

  • Health & Wellness - thriving of the mind, body & soul

My business values:

  • Empowerment - inciting confidence and control to others

  • Connection - meaningful relationships to people & places

  • Leadership - guiding others towards on a mission with a vision

My vision:

To connect the community through exploring new ideas, perspectives, and cultures - together.

About Chelsea:

Chelsea is a high-energy learning and development professional from the finance and transportation industries in corporate America.


From the beginning, Chelsea has been passionate about helping others. Her authentic and sincere curiosity has allowed her to foster her coaching skills and empower others through the Co-Active Coaching framework.


By asking deep, insightful, and powerful questions, she helps others find creative ways to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and unlock their own potential. As a planner and organizer by nature, Chelsea then works with her clients using their insights to create meaningful and practical action plans that help them achieve their goals.

A message from Chelsea:

I specialize in coaching goal-getters that want to create balanced, fulfilling, and well rounded lifestyles. Whether that means:

  • exploring new passions

  • making meaningful connections

  • developing your network

  • discovering what work/life balance truly means

  • landing your dream job

  • creating a side hustle

  • traveling more, or even

  • finding peace with your finances

I am here to help support you along your journey. 

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