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Why Peer Coaching?

In a peer coaching collective, you get all of the benefits out of coaching and more.

So much more!

More as in

+ More bang for your buck. Coaching Collectives are less expensive than individual coaching sessions and provide a special-interest, focused environment for you to grow.

+ More intention. These interactive coaching sessions are designed to help each person reach their own goals! Bring your intentions and goals to the table to the 6-session program to make real progress in your pursuits.

+ More progress. More people = more perspectives and ideas to help you creatively solve your challenges and problems with the help from other group members.

+ More development. Learn foundational coaching skills from the GROW and Co-Active frameworks to build your professional acumen. Develop your coaching style to empower others in their own personal and professional lives.

+ More community. Grow your network in an intentional way with other people that share the same interests as you.

+ More connection. Develop friends, motivators, challengers, and encouragers to support you on your journey.

Should I join?

Did you move to Greensboro in the past 3 years,

(amid a global pandemic that limited your ability to make friends, you couldn't meet anyone around your age, and you weren't allowed to explore any of the fun things that the brand new city you just moved to offers?) 

Are you a Millenial-ish professional?

(Born between 1981-1996ish...

Don't worry, I won't really ask your age or confirm your mutual love for the Backstreet Boys or Destiny's Child.)

Do you want to dedicate time to learning more about GSO and meet other people in the same situation?

Then, I think the obvious answer is

 What is the investment? 

The Coaching Collective fee is $180.

(That's only $30 per session!)

If accepted, a $30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your seat in that collective. This counts towards your total due to participate. The remaining total ($150) is due 7 days before the collective's first session.

Each peer coaching collective group only seats 10 participants, so apply and reserve your spot today!

Is this like paying for friends?

Maybe, but NO.

What you are really paying for:

>  Structured goal setting

>  Intentional time spent focusing on your goals

>  Learning new coaching skills

>  Real world practice for your coaching skills

>  Developing your own coaching style

>  Access to a community of other new GSO young professionals

>  Working with others on achieving your goals

>  Meeting GSO community leaders

>  Plans for the next 3 months to explore GSO

>  Time invested into your own leadership development

There's only 10 spots.
Are you ready to get started?

Apply Here
How did you hear about the collective?
What are you interested in?

Thanks for applying! Please allow 3-5 days for processing.

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